5 Biggest News Stories of the Week: July 7

As the saying goes, the news never stops. In this weekly news roundup, we’ll cover the top news stories impacting American workplaces and communities.

1. US Labor Market Surges in June, Adding 497,000 Jobs

According to a recent report by ADP (No. 15 on the Fair360 2023 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list), private-sector jobs in the United States are growing quickly.

In June, the economy added 497,000 new jobs, surpassing expectations. The leisure and hospitality sector led the gains with 232,000 new hires, followed by construction, trade, transportation and utilities.  

Annual pay rose at a 6.4% rate, indicating pressure from inflation, while small businesses were the main contributors to job growth. The strong numbers suggest a thriving job market despite previous interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. 

2. Women Return to the Job Market in Large Numbers

During the pandemic, many women left the job market. Now, they are returning and more women than men are in the workforce.  

In May, the number of women aged 25-54 working or looking for work reached a new high of 77.6%. According to NPR, over 80% of Black women in that age group were also in the workforce.  

Employers are giving women more flexibility at work to benefit from their skills and experience. However, childcare shortages and the absence of paid parental leave persist. 

3. The Dangers of Quiet Retaliation in the Workplace

Corporate America is discussing a new trend: workplace retaliation. It encompasses evident and subtle actions that people often overlook or disregard.  

Harvard Business Review writes that this type of retaliation can have severe consequences, including damaging careers and team effectiveness. Leaders may not notice these behaviors in themselves or others, causing lasting damage to people and groups. To create psychologically safe and innovative cultures, addressing and preventing retaliation, even in its covert forms, is crucial. 

Employee retaliation cases sometimes go unreported due to the risks involved. Hidden revenge, like not helping or providing resources, giving complex tasks, silencing team members, or excluding people, can create climates of abuse. According to HBR, leaders must understand these subtle forms of retaliation and their impact on individuals and team dynamics. 

4. Abbott’s Dual Chamber Pacemaker System Receives FDA Green Light

Abbott (No. 9 on the Fair360 2023 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list) received FDA approval for its AVEIR dual chamber (DR) leadless pacemaker system. This pacemaker system is the first of its kind to treat abnormal or slow heart rhythms.  

The system enables wireless communication and synchrony between two pacemakers. It does not require cardiac leads, providing a less invasive option for patients who require pacing in two heart chambers.  

The approval follows recent clinical trial data showing the system’s safety and effectiveness. The AVEIR DR system incorporates Abbott’s i2i communication technology, allowing beat-to-beat communication between the two pacemakers.

5. Study Shows Mixed Results for Remote Work

The debate over remote work versus returning to the office continues, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of New York study.

Remote call-center workers answered fewer calls and had lower call quality compared to on-site workers, according to the analysis. It is unclear if these findings demonstrate a common pattern. This is because individuals who are unproductive in the office may also be unproductive at home.