5 Ways to Show You Are a High-Potential Employee

Advancing your career and finding the right employer and position fit doesn’t have to be complicated. There are things you can do each day to advance toward your dream job and thrive at work. The following article is part of a 5 Ways Series that offers resources and tips on leadership and career advancement you can use. 

A high potential employee has leadership abilities, strategic thinking, social skills, a strong work ethic and ambition. Research has found that high-potential employees are 91% more valuable to a business than non-high potential workers.

1. In order to be considered high potential, you must first be identified as high performing.

The difference between a high performer and a high potential is that while high performers know the job, high potentials know the business. If an employee is a high performer, he or she will have the potential to go further in their career. A Harvard Business Review article said high performers can deliver 400% more productivity than the average performer. Read more on this here.

2. Demonstrate ambition and take on challenges.

High potentials possess a strong desire to advance further in their companies, and they will be actively seeking out new challenges in order to remain curious. High performers will frequently learn new skills through new experiences. If they succeed when given challenges, they are a high potential, according to experts. Check out more insights here.

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3. Be resilient and ready.

“Whether it’s being ready for the next role, the next project, or the next business challenge,” said Melissa Harper, former vice president of global talent acquisition, diversity and Inclusion at Monsanto. “When you operate in a way that you are planning ahead, thinking ahead, it enables faster adaption to change. The world is increasingly globally complex, and the speed of change is getting faster so this has proven to be great advice in working and leading global functions.”

4. Leverage your network proactively to seek guidance or identify areas for personal improvement. 

High potentials are not afraid to ask for help as well as critiques when it’s needed, and you can leverage your network to gain insight on how to improve. You can also get a different point of view from peers and other leaders in your industry. Experts offer more on that here. 

5. Develop an action plan to reach your goals.

While your action plan may only be for your eyes at first, good organizations will provide opportunities for you to share your goals with your leaders and peers. As you then demonstrate your commitment to the organization, your network will help you reach and achieve your goals. Get more insights on this here.

Bonus Tip: Be willing to look at your weaknesses and improve upon them.

It is ideal to build a high propensity to advance and look for opportunities to excel in your role. More detailed insights on how to do this can be found here.

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