Accenture Honors Victims of Nazi Persecution

Accenture ranked No. 1 on The Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2022.


To honor International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Accenture shared its AI project with Arolsen Archives to preserve names of stories of the victims of Nazi persecution.

“Our work is to make sure victims’ stories can be told, so we can be vigilant when we witness intolerance,” said Floriane Azoulay, Executive Director of Arolsen Archives.

Through the project, volunteers at Accenture and around the world have helped create a massive digital memorial for those who fell victim to Nazism.

“I think by getting these stories out, we re-humanize the people the Nazis sought to dehumanize,” said Michael Engelman, Senior Manager of Accenture in New York.

“We have a responsibility as individuals, a nation, or a corporation like Accenture,” said Max Furmanov, Managing Director of Accenture in New York. “A responsibility to remember.”

Members of the company also shared personal stories from family members and what it means to have their stories preserved. Annaliese Tucci, Senior Analyst in New York, said: “I feel really grateful that I discovered my uncle’s documents. Digitizing them preserves my uncle’s memory.”

The project, #EveryNameCounts, can be followed on LinkedIn.