ADP Research Institute Launches the Today at Work Report

ADP ranked No. 15 on the Top 50 Companies list in 2023.


The ADP Research Institute has launched Today at Work, a new report released each quarter. The report aims to provide a comprehensive, people-centered view of the workforce.

Today at Work combines ADP’s data set representing 25 million people with monthly sentiment surveys taken by a random sample of 2,500 workers. The Q1 report, “What is the Truth About Pay,” analyzes how employees feel about their pay and what kinds of behaviors those feelings relate to.

For employees that wish to feel better about their pay, the report suggests finding opportunities for hybrid work on a team of supportive people and doing what you love.

For organization leaders, the report suggests allowing hybrid work schedules, putting a strong emphasis on teams and making sure managers are fitting people to work that they love.

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