ADP Shares Ways to Recognize and Overcome DEI Fatigue

ADP ranked No. 14 on The Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2022.


During ADP’s Inclusion Summit in 2022, the company spoke with Anita Ricketts, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Fair360, formerly DiversityInc, and Peter Trevor Wilson, founder of the Human Equity framework. The two discussed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) fatigue, how to recognize it and strategies for overcoming it.

“When we talk about things like strategies that organizations can use to embrace equity and inclusion in the workplace, [they need to] make it easier for employees to perform at their best,” said Ricketts.

This ADP Inclusion Summit session listed three strategies for overcoming DEI fatigue and embracing DEI efforts at the workplace.

1. Address Microaggressions

While microaggressions tend to slide under the radar when it comes to implementing DEI in the workplace, they still have a lasting impact on the person experiencing the subtle abuse and the workplace as a whole.

Microaggressions don’t typically lead to investigations and formal reporting, but “that doesn’t mean that it’s not bothering you and impacting your engagement,” said Wilson. “And it’s all of us. It’s everybody in the workforce. It’s not just leaders. It’s all of us.”

2. Consider Employee Engagement

During ADP’s summit, Wilson also said it’s important to analyze a company’s people metrics and to maintain transparency about the numbers, such as how many minorities are represented in the employee population or how many women hold executive positions.

However, it goes beyond the numbers. Wilson urges companies to take a look at employee engagement, too, as well as motivations for retention.

3. Ethics and Integrity

To ensure an organization’s work environment is inclusive, Wilson says it’s important to start with leadership. Including ethics and integrity in the list of necessary behaviors for a leader to obtain will help any workplace.

More on this session at ADP’s 2022 Inclusion Summit can be found here.