After a Typhoon of Publicity, Harvey Weinstein Charged with Rape

There was one more red carpet for Harvey to walk down. At
7:30 this morning, the alleged rapist walked into a Lower Manhattan police station surrounded by cameras flashing and reporters shouting his name.

The white male millionaire Hollywood film mogul was accused of sexual assault for the first time three years ago, knowing his own dirty secret. And yet he is allowed to act as if he is above getting caught.

A bail package was pre-arranged for him that included $1 million, restricted travel, surrendering his passport and the requirement to don a monitoring device at home. There was no video of police kicking down the door, wrestling him to the ground, punching him in the face or tasing happening here.

The daily assault on Blacks by law enforcement is a world away from Weinstein. He’s allowed to control his spotlight and demise, while others, who look nothing like him and don’t have his privilege, have no control. Disproportionately, African Americans are incarcerated in U.S. state prisons at
more than five times the rate of whites, and are sentenced to terms 20 percent longer than whites, for similar crimes. The system is rigged.

Over the years, Weinstein has allegedly paid for silence among his victims and employees, held career-making roles over some of his victims as intimidation, hired private investigators to stalk women and reporters who were exposing him and afforded a $58,000 sex rehab that he skipped completing. He had all the money, resources and influence and is still using what he can right up to the time he stands in front of a judge.

The charges of first and third degree rape, in part, are for the
Lucia Evans accusations of Weinstein forcing her to perform oral sex on him during a casting meeting in New York in 2004.

To answer sexual assault allegations for over 85 women, Weinstein gets to do the perp walk his way. At least he was in cuffs this morning.