AIG Welcomes Rolling Stones to the Conversation on Protected Lifetime Income

Originally Published by AIG.

American International Group, Inc. welcomed The Rolling Stones to the important conversation on protected lifetime income and the critical role annuities can play as part of an individual’s overall retirement plan. AIG is a founding member of the Board of Directors for the Alliance for Lifetime Income, an industry coalition of leading financial services organizations whose goal is to educate Americans about the importance of protected lifetime income and empower them to take action. The Alliance is advancing their campaign by becoming the sole sponsor of the 2019 Rolling Stones “No Filter” United States tour.

“We are facing a retirement crisis in America with too many people living in fear of outliving their savings. An aging population combined with longer lifespans is shifting the retirement landscape and requires a fundamental change in our nation’s retirement planning mindsetfrom one that prioritizes savings to one that emphasizes savings and income for life,” said Jana Greer, President and CEO, Retirement, AIG. “That is why we are excited the Alliance for Lifetime Income is sponsoring the Rolling Stones U.S. tour, which will attract millions of fans. Through this sponsorship, the Alliance has an opportunity to amplify the reach of its education efforts and raise awareness of how protected lifetime income from annuities can help address the risk of running out of money in retirement.”

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