Another Racist ‘Promposal’ and Promises from Palos Verdes High Principal for ‘Severe Consequences’

For two white Palos Verdes High School students, being a racist is apparently not bad enough to stop a “promposal.”

In a photo taken in Southern California that went viral Tuesday, two students, one male, and one female, are pictured holding a sign that says one of the student’s names followed by “you are racist but I would give anything for you to go with me to prom.”

Also added were certain letters in the name and sentence bolded and capitalized to spell the n-word.

Palos Verdes High School Principal Dr. Allan Tyner emailed parents on Tuesday night acknowledging the picture:

“We have been in touch with the identified students and their families to inform them that we are forming a response and anticipate severe consequences… I am heartened by the immediate response by our students and families on social media that make it very clear that our community does not support this behavior.”

It’s not yet clear what those “severe consequences” will be. Tyner said in a statement released Wednesday that he would also be “meeting with all students, class by class” to “review appropriate behavior and how the use of hurtful racial slurs like the one used on this recent picture posted on social media is unacceptable.”

Palos Verdes High School has a large minority population. 35 percent of the roughly 1,600 students are minorities, while only about 2 percent of the residents of the city in Los Angeles County are black, according to the most recent census data.

The Palos Verdes Police Department tweeted that there would be more of a police presence in nearby schools because of “recent social media postings,” though they didn’t specifically identify the most recent “promposal.”

This isn’t the first racist “promposal” to be posted to social media. A student in Ohio posted a photo of him holding a sign that said: “If I were Black I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking you 4 prom?”

Students inviting someone to prom in Florida, New York, and Texas also using racist signs for a ‘promposal’ also went viral across social media this year with few consequences for those involved.