AT&T Partners With Cherish to Support Seniors

AT&T is a Hall of Fame company.


AT&T and Cherish have partnered to launch Cherish Serenity, a contactless sensing device to monitor the health of aging adults and support independent living.

Serenity uses radar technology to monitor people in multiple rooms, eliminating the need for cameras or wearable technology. This allows for supervising emergency conditions for seniors, like falls, without intruding on privacy.

“Cherish Serenity changes the game for in-home sensing using radar technology and artificial intelligence combined with AT&T connectivity,” said Joe Drygas, Vice President, Healthcare Solutions at AT&T. “This device represents a big leap forward in medical-driven technologies for monitoring the health status of aging adults in their daily lives. The Serenity platform opens up a whole new world of advanced sensing where people live, making it beneficial to both caregivers and health providers.”

People aged 65 and older represent the fastest-growing population in the U.S. Old age challenges individuals and their families, but AT&T and Cherish are working to provide seniors the opportunity to live independently.