AT&T’s FirstNet Helps First Responders Reliably Communicate

AT&T is a Hall of Fame company.


AT&T and First Responder Network Authority partnered to create FirstNet six years ago, which provides a public safety network for fire, law enforcement and EMS to reliably communicate.

The company also recently launched the new Mini Compact Rapid Deployable for FirstNet, which provides on-the-go coverage for first responders when needed.

AT&T’s FirstNet has been instrumental in emergency responses during wildfires and last year’s Hurricane Ian.

“The high level of availability provided by FirstNet allows our paramedics across the region in both rural and urban areas to stay connected whenever needed,” said Michael Tillman, Vice President of Superior Ambulance. “Whether we are deployed on standby for events like the Chicago Marathon, working through winter storms or responding to daily emergencies, FirstNet allows us to have the priority and preemption that keeps our paramedics and our communities safer.”



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