AT&T’s Jaron Felder on Representing Black Women in Corporate America

Jaron Felder is AT&T’s Assistant Vice President of Fiber Sales. AT&T is a Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Hall of Fame company.


Jaron Felder, Assistant Vice President of Fiber Sales at AT&T, has shared a personal story reflecting on her 15 years at the company and the impact that time has had on herself, her family and the community.

Growing up in a single-parent household in a small town in South Carolina ignited the fire for Felder’s work ethic and ambition, she wrote.

“As a black woman in corporate America, being a leader has afforded me opportunities to lead the way for many, and most importantly, to provide an example for others that look like me,” Felder said.

She also commented on the importance of representation, a vital motivation for those in underrepresented communities.

“I am a strong believer that you must ‘see it to be it.’ I’m thankful for mentors and sponsors, who looked like me, throughout my career, who have not only believed in me but have provided me with invaluable insights and opportunities to thrive.”

Allyship is crucial to nurturing a diverse, equitable and inclusive workspace — one where underrepresented individuals like Felder can feel seen and supported.

Felder wrote, “Just as important, there are many champions who don’t look like me but care about me, providing the advocacy and support that has strengthened my network and journey.”

Joining AT&T 15 years ago has proved to be one of the best decisions Felder has made. “It has enabled me to care for my family and provide them with a much easier path in life than I’ve experienced, and for that I am forever grateful.”

On top of various roles at the Assistant Vice President level, Felder has also served AT&T as a Retail Sales Consultant, Store Manager, Area Manager/Business Sales Manager, FirstNet Consultant and Director of Sales.