Boeing Launches Cascade to Support Aviation’s Net Zero Goal

The Boeing Company ranked No. 12 on the Fair360 Top 50 Companies list in 2023.


The Boeing Company has launched the Boeing Cascade Climate Impact Model (Cascade) for public use, supporting commercial aviation’s path toward net zero carbon emissions.

Cascade is a data modeling tool that identifies the effects of various sustainability solutions. It examines the complete life cycle of alternate energy sources for aviation, quantifying the ability to cut aviation’s carbon emissions.

“We created Cascade to serve as an industry tool that creates a common framework among aviation, energy, finance and policy,” said Chris Raymond, Chief Sustainability Officer at Boeing. “By putting data first and sharing this model with the public, we are enabling collaboration, feedback and alignment across industry, government and others who work together to achieve a more sustainable aerospace future.”

Cascade also measures airplane fleet renewal, operational efficiency, renewable energy sources, future aircraft and market-based measures as pathways to decarbonization.

“Cascade helps airline operators, industry partners and policymakers see when, where and how different fuel sources affect their sustainability goals,” said Neil Titchener, Cascade Program Leader. “Our industry has really hard questions ahead of us, we’re going to have to make difficult choices. Cascade can be the conversation starter for how each decarbonization pathway can help us reach a more sustainable future.”



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