Boeing Shares Ways to Work Smarter Through Inclusivity

The Boeing Company ranked No. 12 on the Fair360 2023 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list.


David Dawson, Business Improvement Specialist and Chapter Co-founder of the Boeing Employees Pride Alliance Business Resource Group shared three ways to work smarter through inclusivity.

Over the past two years, Dawson has helped his teammates eliminate over 200,000 hours of unnecessary work. In a recent workshop, he taught Boeing employees how to make their jobs easier and the outcomes more effective. He also coached workshop participants as they solved simulated and work challenges.

“You can’t have productivity without inclusivity,” Dawson said. “Everyone has to have a seat at the table and feel comfortable sharing their voice.”

According to Dawson, anyone can be more productive at work or in life by applying the basic concepts of inclusivity:

  1. Involve everyone in the conversation
  2. Understand hurdles and ask for ideas
  3. Implement the knowledge you acquire

Dawson co-founded his local Boeing Employees Pride Alliance Business Resource Group chapter, supporting LGBTQIA+ teammates and allies in the Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and Asia Pacific regions. He also played a crucial role in developing Boeing Australia’s gender affirmation policy.


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