Capital One on Embracing Your Identity and Using It To Lead Authentically

Originally published on Capital One Financial ranked No. 28 on The Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2021.


All leaders face uncertainty at some point in their career around how to create an authentic and compelling version of leadership for their teams, but the learnings and feedback gained from those difficult experiences tend to make them stronger both personally and professionally. For members of underrepresented groups, these challenges can be amplified as they forge a new, unfamiliar, path to reach new levels of leadership, seniority, equality and ultimately equity in the workplace.

Many leaders who identify as LGBTQIA+ continue to have reservations around openly sharing their story or bringing their authentic selves to work due to years of societal and social pressure to remain silently in the closet. At Capital One, finding a sense of belonging isn’t just about having a seat at the table, but about using your unique background and experience to shape the future of the products and services we offer to the customers and communities we serve.

“What I love about Capital One is… we are willing to be inventive in how we support people, recruit people and include people. We aren’t perfect and we’re constantly working to be better. That’s what I want from a workplace,” explained, VP of Software Engineering, Allison Perkel.

Leaders like Allison prove that while your career may not always make it easy to open up to those around you, it’s times of vulnerability that push you to grow as an individual and inspire others as a leader.

Creating an all-embracing culture, where associates can feel comfortable being themselves, starts with investment at the leadership level and committing to building upon a culture of inclusivity for all associates.

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