Cardi B and Bernie Sanders Team Up to Discuss Political Issues

Rapper Cardi B and Democratic presidential candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders may seem like an unlikely pairing, and a nail salon in Detroit, Michigan may seem like an unlikely venue to film campaign videos, but both figures share the same political goals: to get youth voters involved. 

Sanders posted a photo July 29 of himself and Cardi B shaking hands at the TEN Nail Bar in Detroit, announcing they met to have a conversation about the “future of America” and how to engage young voters. Recently, Cardi B has been vocal about political issues on social media.

In January, Cardi B posted a video on Instagram, condemning President Trump and the federal government shutdown.

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Earlier this month, she made a video calling for her fans to comment questions they had for 2020 Democratic candidates with the goal of using her platform to gain attention from the politicians. In the video, she cited police brutality as one of the most pressing issues she was concerned about. 

“It seems like it keeps on happening every single day, and they are getting away with it, and nobody’s talking about it,” she said. “I would like to see it change. I would like to know if our next president even cares because it seems like the one we have now doesn’t.”

In an Instagram live video July 28, Cardi B once again called out President Trump for his inaction regarding police brutality.

“Every single time I see a black man get killed or mistreated by the police, I just keep saying like, ‘What the f—?” Cardi B said. “‘Nobody gives a f—? Nobody cares? Nobody cares?’ And I stopped saying that because nobody do care! Nobody cares. He don’t care. He don’t care.”

The musician then compared Trump to former President Obama, saying Obama had at least acknowledged these instances. She said until Trump is no longer President, she doesn’t believe anything will be done about the issue.

“At least when Obama was president, Obama used to always give a statement letting us know that he feels like it’s wrong,” she said. “He feels it. He sees it. This guy, I know he sees it and he don’t give not one s—.”

The following day, Cardi B posted another video call to action to bloggers, YouTubers and other influential figures to become politically involved and educate youth about political issues.

“We get distracted with people putting Trump on blast, like CNN constantly putting Trump on blast for the evil s— that he has been committing in this country because he puts things on Twitter that distract us from all the bull— that he actually be doing,” she said. “So, instead of us posting the little bull—- that he be posting on Twitter, why don’t we post every single day these positive things that these Democratic candidates want to do for our country?”

After finally sitting down with Sanders, Cardi B also posted on Instagram, thanking Sanders for sitting with her to discuss how he will enact change.

“A couple of weeks ago I asked my followers if you had the opportunity to have a question answered by a democratic candidate what would it be?” she said, referencing her last video. “I got a lot of submission[s] and selected the most popular questions to get answered.”

She has previously expressed support for Sanders. 

Many negative comments on social media regarding the partnership were elitist and racist, criticizing Cardi B’s way of speaking and lack of code-switching in the formal setting. However, other commenters judged Sanders’ involvement with the rapper, who previously admitted todrugging and robbing clients when she worked as a stripper. In an apology in March, she addressed her past and said she had “limited options” at the time.

Sanders recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and said he has spoken with the rapper over the phone to discuss political concerns, acknowledging the relevance of her struggles before she achieved fame.

“She is really smart and she is deeply concerned about what’s happening in this country,” Sanders said to Kimmel. “That’s the truth. She comes from a humble background and she knows what it’s like to live in poverty, to struggle, and she wants to make sure that we can improve life for working people in this country.”

The video with Cardi B and Sanders is set to come out soon, he said on Instagram.


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