Cardi B and Fox News’ Tomi Lahren Feud on Twitter Over Government Shutdown

Outspoken rap star, Cardi B., was not in the mood for Tomi Lahren’s antagonistic shenanigans. And she told her so via Twitter.

Cardi B has set political circles ablaze with her scorching criticism of President Trump and his part in the partial government shutdown. Her name is still falling from the mouths of politicians and now race-baiting “Fox Nation” “personality” Tomi Lahren. Apparently, Lahren gave her unsolicited two cents after Cardi’s commentary went viral. She took to Twitter to sound off on the Grammy-winning rapper by sarcastically calling her a “genius.”

That was not a good idea. Lahren, clearly, was unaware of Cardi’s clapback game. The superstar stated five simple words: “I will dog walk you.”

Urban Twitter went wild at Cardi’s roasting of Lahren. Various news outlets and “in the know” progressives took to the Urban Dictionary to “tell the masses” what “dog walk” means. They were wrong. They incorrectly Columbused the definition to mean “to dominate over.”

But in urban settings, “Dog walk” means “mollywhop” someone. To folks, who still may be at a loss, it means to fight her and win. Of course, violence isn’t the answer when dealing with Lahren.

However, Lahren’s constant insertion in places she doesn’t belong has been well-tracked. And Cardi B. isn’t one to back down.

Twitter had some hilarious commentary on the fabulously-delivered clapback.


Even Bronx-born, Yorktown-raised Newly elected congresswoman, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez commented:

It appears everybody had time for Lahren after her ill-fated tweet. It does lead one to wonder if she even knew who Cardi B. was before she opened her mouth. The likely guess would be no.


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