Muslim Doctors Open Free Health Clinic for Uninsured Patients in Cleveland Area

There is no co-pay, no ridiculous bill in the mail, no cost at all at the Cleveland Ibn Sina Clinic in Parma, Ohio. The only thing that patients will have to take care of is the cost of prescriptions.

Only a few months ago, this clinic for uninsured people was sitting idle as storage space at the Islamic Center of Cleveland. But the community came together, including Muslim doctors across Northeast Ohio, donations and renovations to make two exam rooms, a reception area and a waiting room.

The doctors will come from all over Akron and Cleveland to volunteer on the weekends on a rotating basis.

This is the region’s first free clinic operated by a mosque and already 20 physicians have committed to volunteering their time and talent. Although all of the doctors are Muslim, the clinic is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of religion, race or sexual orientation.

According to Dr. Mansoor Ahmed, one of the physicians, they will not only deal with primary care health issues, but address sub-specialties like asthma, diabetes, sleep disorders, mental illness and more.

“A lot of the doctors came here from foreign countries outside the United States looking for better opportunities. Now that they are established, some of them are practicing with hospitals, some of them have their own practice, now they want to come together and give back to the community,” said Hala Sanyurah.

In lieu of insurance, the clinic will stay afloat with help from the community, such as monthly fundraisers and donations.

The clinic has already served at least 30 people in the first few weekends being open, according to News 5 Cleveland. The grand opening is scheduled for Wednesday. It will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“This is for everybody,” Dr. Ahmed said. “We learn in medicine that sickness and disease affect every human being. We don’t ask when we put our stethoscope on a patient, ‘Which part of the world are you from?’”

Using a mosque to operate as a clinic is nothing new. There are numerous other examples across the United States. In 2017, the American Muslim Community Center in Orlando, Florida converted an old doctor’s office into a free clinicfor uninsured families and people in need.

In spite of the beliefs held by white supremacists and even President Donald Trump, Islam is a religion of peace and giving back to the community.