Comcast Launches More Lift Zones to Boost Digital Equity

Comcast NBCUniversal ranked No. 7 on The Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2022.


As a part of Comcast’s Project UP initiative, more than 1,250 Lift Zones were launched in 2022. The program provides free WiFi access in community centers nationwide, helping bridge the gap in the digital equity divide.

“Comcast’s Lift Zones program offers community members more ways to get online to fully participate in the digital economy,” the company said.  “Since September 2020, Lift Zones have enabled nearly six million free WiFi user sessions for students, veterans, seniors and adults.”

Originally created to help students stay connected to school and complete their coursework remotely during the pandemic, the demand for Lift Zones continues to be strong in underrepresented communities.

Comcast also offers digital literacy programs, access to online healthcare services, workforce development training and support from digital navigators to these underserved communities.

Here are some figures about the success of Lift Zones:

  • 40% of users would not have access to the internet without a Lift Zone
  • 50% of low-income households in major Comcast markets are within walking distance of a Lift Zone
  • 56% of users report that Lift Zones are a crucial part of their success, whether it’s in school, work or their daily life
  • 90% of Lift Zone sites report that they have helped bridge the digital equity gap in their communities

Most recently, Comcast launched five Lift Zone sites in El Concilio, California. The company also donated $50,000 to the city and donated more than 200 laptops to El Concilio Academy in Stockton, CA.

“Here we are, at a school named after the first Latino astronaut. I’m sure growing up he didn’t imagine he could do that but I understand he kept trying. Same thing for these kids — achieving unlimited possibilities, dreaming what they can be, what they want to be, but then making it happen. Internet access is so important to that,” said Broderick Johnson, Executive VP of Public Policy and Digital Equity at Comcast.

Project UP aims to help provide millions of people with the skills, resources and opportunities they need to succeed in a digitally-based world. Learn more here.