Comcast NBCUniversal Releases Its 2024 Impact Report

Comcast NBCUniversal (No. 11 on the 2024 Top 50 list) has released its 2024 Impact Report. The report outlines several initiatives aimed at fostering further workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Many of the company’s strategic efforts are aimed at cultivating an inclusive culture and empowering employees within the workplace. Key initiatives include Mental Health Week and DE&I Day, both focused on fostering understanding, awareness and allyship among employees. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a significant role in promoting DEI within Comcast. Members of these groups volunteer, attend educational events and serve as advocates for underrepresented groups to organizational leadership. ERG activities often overlap with other DEI programming. Such is the case with Mental Health Week, which features events hosted by several of Comcast’s ERGs.

DE&I Education

Comcast NBCUniversal hosts an internal DE&I Speaker Series, featuring leaders across various dimensions of DEI who provide educational opportunities for employees. In 2023, speakers included Opal Lee, Major General Tammy Smith, and Haben Girma. Additional education is available through the company’s annual Meet the Moment project. This initiative is designed to foster learning to empower employees as leaders of Comcast’s culture of inclusion. Other programs, such as the Ascend leadership training, the Latino Leadership Intensive and the Emeritus Women in Leadership program, provide employees with opportunities for external learning and development.

Investing in Equality

Comcast has made significant investments to support underrepresented communities and small businesses. Initiatives like Project UP aim to connect people to the Internet, provide digital skills training, and support entrepreneurs, particularly those from diverse backgrounds. Over the past five years, Comcast has committed $20 billion to Project UP. With that investment, over 15 million homes and businesses have been provided access to high-speed internet. Such efforts are part of a holistic commitment to digital equity, which includes infrastructure investment, skills training and technology education.

Read the full 2024 Impact Report.