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Leslie Patterson, EY Americas and US Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness Leader
Leslie D.J. Patterson
EY Americas and US Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness Leader

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever before to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in business, and to lead with empathy, honesty and action.

From The Company

At EY, Diversity and Inclusiveness (D&I) are core to who we are. We are fostering an environment where all differences are valued, practices are equitable, and everyone experiences a sense of belonging — where people are inspired to team up and lead inclusively in their interactions every day.

We believe in maximizing the power of different perspectives and backgrounds in our teaming. Including varying points of view in our decision-making, operations and actions is fundamental to establishing long-term value for EY people, as well as long-term client, social and financial value.

Meaningful conversations can create feelings of trust and belonging that are the foundation of our inclusive culture. We work to help make EY a more inclusive place through meaningful conversations between colleagues by promoting belonging conversations and through our monthly “Building Connections Through Conversation” series.

Our EY Global Executive (GE), the highest level of leadership at EY, signed a statement demonstrating our collective commitment to leading inclusively and our increased focus and accountability around D&I progress. It’s key to achieving EY’s ambition for creating long-term value — bringing the best of our global organization together to run our business and serve clients, ultimately achieving better business success in this transformative age.