Ask the CEO: MAGA Teens Getting What They Deserve

Trump apologists were all over this website demanding a retraction or modification of our story on the Covington Catholic High School MAGA rally in Washington D.C.

We are standing by our coverage. The full videos I’ve seen do not tell a new story.

They show what was apparent from the start the Catholic Church MAGA boys acted out of their conviction and enthusiasm that MAGA is right. They got the gang together, wore their gang hats, went to D.C., chanted gang chants (“Build the wall”) and found the trouble they were looking for.

And white MAGA people backed them up because the MAGA hat symbolizes the befuddled racist philosophy of Trump that the only normal American is a white American. Black Israelites, Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans, Black Americans, liberals, tribal elders whatever they’re all a shade of brown. Not “normal” American. Or people who could become “normal” Americans in the view of the orange leader, like Norwegians.

There isn’t a “nice” story and there wasn’t a rush to judgment the gang leaders went to Washington with their gang looking for a fight and they found one.

They sent their children in to do the dirty work.

I received several comments that the gang youth were provoked (and realistically, Black Israelites are purposefully provocative). The Covington gang wasn’t any more provoked than the average SEAL team member is “provoked” into a fight after a HALO jump into hostile territory.

Black Israelites are the racial inverse of MAGA hatters, except the Black Israelites are more forthright. Omaha Tribe elder and Vietnam Era veteran (United States Marine) Nathan Phillips inserted himself between the Covington gang and the Black Israelites he is not a Black Israelite. (Vietnam Era Phillips did not serve in Vietnam which is just lucky, unlike the orange charlatan who was just fraudulent in his draft dodging).

The cap on all of this is the gang’s poster boy (Nicolas Sandmann) interview with the vapid Savannah Guthrie on the “TODAY” show it “proves” the Covington gang and their MAGA supporters are right to think they’re right.

Any thoughtful “reporter” would turn down the interview with Sandmann. He needed to be interviewed by Joy Ann Reid, or Al Sharpton or Don Lemon. And boy-Sandmann isn’t the point, it’s the Catholic Church “chaperones” that sent those children to Washington wearing MAGA hats, not “Catholic” or “March for Life” hats.

There was adult approval and supervision for this political protest, masquerading as a religious event. Let’s get the priest on camera; I’d like to hear him explain why we should be OK with our tax dollars supporting a political movement that most do not want to support.

If we get into areas of moral righteousness, it becomes relevant to ask questions about child predators and the conspiracy to hide them. And that’s why they sent their children to do the dirty work instead of being proud, like Lester Maddox with his axe handle.

Until justice and equity are honestly and forcefully enforced, this country isn’t going to progress by making nice (Sen. Harris, this is why your campaign started with a fizzle Hillary already tried to make nice “on both sides,” it doesn’t work, read Professor Steve Phillips’ “Brown is the New White”). Professor Phillips describes and documents the new majority (Blacks, Latinos and progressive whites).

After Trump, leadership needs to be real, if it wants the new majority’s support.

Louisville Courier Journal contributing cartoonist Marc Murphy shared the following image on his Instagram page:


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