Cultural Connection Toolkit: Hispanic Heritage Month 2024

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in 2024, we must reflect on the contributions, struggles and achievements of Hispanic and Latino communities in the United States. This month-long observance, from September 15 to October 15, allows us to honor the diverse cultures, histories and traditions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. We also recognize their profound impact on shaping our nation’s identity.

This Hispanic Heritage Month 2024 Cultural Connection Toolkit offers two insightful articles. One empowers Hispanic and Latino communities in healthcare. The other addresses unique challenges these employees face in the workplace. Plus, it includes a comprehensive timeline of pivotal moments in Hispanic and Latino American history. The facts and figures section highlights demographic trends in Hispanic and Latino communities today.

We’ve reimagined and improved our popular Meeting in a Box as a Cultural Connection Toolkit. It fosters closer, more inclusive and understanding team environments through cultural education and facilitated discussions. By engaging with the diverse stories, experiences and perspectives in this toolkit, we aim to deepen your understanding of Hispanic and Latino heritage. Celebrate the vibrant contributions of these communities during Hispanic Heritage Month in 2024.

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