Fair360 CEO Carolynn Johnson: Will the Trump Presidency Reality Show Be Renewed for Season Two?

The Chief Executive’s Latest Twitter War with Four Freshman Congresswomen Could Be the Catalyst for a Series Finale in November 2020.

This week, four Progressive first-term members of Congress, all women of color and collectively known as the “Squad,” were attacked and ridiculed in a series of tweets by President Donald Trump — CEO of the federal government.

Told to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came,” these four women — all of whom are Americans — stood before the world and courageously challenged their bully, who also happens to run the country, is the leader of the free world, and resides in what was once lovingly referred to as “The People’s White House” for all U.S. citizens.

As a Black woman and as a CEO, I have dedicated my life’s work to championing the benefits of diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace by measuring the practices and human capital outcomes of Fortune 500 companies. So when the President of the United States blatantly exhibits racism, sexism, and xenophobia — infractions that would absolutely result in the firing of a corporate CEO — it is worth noting.

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