Dow Announces Military Degree Equivalency (MDE) Program for U.S. and Canada

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MDE program exemplifies Dow’s efforts to create a more inclusive work environment where diverse backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome and valued.

Dow (NYSE: DOW) announced the launch of a unique program that will level the playing field for veterans with relevant military experience of E6 ranking or greater (OR6 for Canada) as equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree for U.S. and Canada job postings. The E6 ranking translates to 8-12 years of experience and has generally equivalent responsibilities across all branches of the military.

The Military Degree Equivalency (MDE) program affords individuals with extensive military background the opportunity to bring their broad scope of training and education, experience in leadership and understanding of performing in high-pressure situations into a successful career at Dow.

“Data has shown that when veterans join Dow, the broad range of experience they bring with them is directly in line with the qualities and skill set we are looking for in an employee,” shared Rich Wells, Vice President, U.S. Gulf Coast Operations, Site Director for Texas Operations and Managing Sponsor for Dow’s VetNet Employee Resource Group. “I’m delighted to see this MDE program embraced by our Company so that we can continue to attract and retain good talent while providing even more opportunities for military veterans wanting to join Team Dow.”

Watch this short video with Dow VetNet Executive Sponsor Jane Palmieri, President, Industrial Intermediates and Infrastructure and John Lowry, Assist. Secretary, Veterans’ Employment and Training for the U.S. Department of Labor as they explain the business case for hiring veterans and how this MDE program will be a win-win for both veterans and Dow.

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