Drake's Father on #MeToo Movement: Young Ladies Need to 'Stop Going to the Hotels'

Dennis Graham, father of superstar recording artist Drake, has offered his thoughts on the sexual assault allegations against Academy Award winning-actor Jamie Foxx and the #MeToo movement.

Earlier this month, a woman went to the Las Vegas Police Department to file sexual assault charges against Foxx, alleging that he slapped her in the face with his penis in 2002. Foxx denies the incident occurred, according to People.

Last week, Graham was asked by TMZ his opinion of the allegations.

Apparently inebriated, he called Foxx “his brother” and said he couldn’t comment on something that supposedly happened 16 years ago.

But he did comment on the #MeToo movement. Graham said it wouldn’t be necessary if women avoided putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

“There is something that I want to say to young ladies who allow themselves to go and be with a man in their room or whatever stop going to the hotels!”

He added, “Stop going to their rooms, you don’t have to be in their rooms. Take your a** home.

When asked if there were two sides to blame, Graham responded, “No, there’s no two sides to blame. You take your ass home. Don’t go into a man’s room if you think a man will have anything to do with raping you or something else. Take your a** home.”

He is essentially blaming women for the inappropriate or threatening actions of men.

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Recently his son, Drake, has been in the spotlight for more than his chart-topping music. He has been accused of hiding the fact that he allegedly has a son with a former porn star. Rap rival Pusha-T included the claim in the lyrics of one of his songs. In May 2017, TMZ published the first report about Drake’s alleged baby.

On Sunday, Father’s Day, a clip went viral on Instagram of Drake getting trolled over allegedly having a secret son.


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