EY’s Raj Sharma Shares the Importance of Diversity in Technology

Raj Sharma is the Vice Chair of Consulting at EY Americas. EY is a Fair360 Top 50 Hall of Fame company.


Raj Sharma, Vice Chair of Consulting at EY Americas, shared the importance of diversity in technology in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month.

Ascend Leadership, a nonprofit organization empowering AAPI professionals, shared Sharma’s thoughts on LinkedIn.

“If you take a step back, what do technologists do? They understand different types of technologies are very different. They orchestrate it, they put it into a melting pot to solve some of the most complex issues that are out there,” Sharma said. “To me, leading a diverse group of team is exactly like that. How do I take all the five fingers, which are different shapes and sizes, create a fist, create the power of the solution, and bring that solution to our client needs? A technologist easily orchestrates those diversity of views into a viewpoint, into a solution that helps our clients solve their most complex problems.”


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