Florida State Sen. Dennis Baxley Wants Abortion Ban So More White People Will Have Babies

Florida State Sen. Dennis Baxley, a proud descendant of a Confederate soldier, wants Florida to enact an abortion ban just like Alabama’s because, according to him, too many white people are getting abortions and too many immigrants are coming to the United States and having children.

In an interview last Friday on WLRN’s “The Florida Round-Up” program, Baxley said he supported Alabama’s abortion law, which criminalizes abortions, bans them at six weeks and has no exceptions for rape and incest.

Baxley went even further with his dreams of oppressing women into a healthy dose of racism.

“When you get a birth rate less than 2 percent, that society is disappearing,” Baxley said about Western Europe. “And it’s being replaced by folks that come behind them and immigrate, don’t wish to assimilate into that society and they do believe in having children. So you see that there are long-range impacts to your society when the answer is to exterminate.”

Baxley’s thinly-veiled racist belief is that white “society” will be “saved” if white women can’t get abortions and birth rates pick back up. He doesn’t seem to understand that American abortion rates (and birth rates) are actually at an all-time low, thanks mainly to more access to birth control, not the ability to access abortions.

None of this is a surprise coming from Baxley. He has long been a proponent of anti-abortion bills. He was also literally the only person who wanted to keep the statue of a racist judge in front of a building at Florida State University.

Baxley also tried to stop a statue from being put up in Florida that was dedicated to the history of slaves because he wanted the focus to be “on the people who endured slavery” and not the institution of slavery. What?

The Ocala resident was also the author of the infamously racist Stand Your Ground bill that has been used to acquit white men of shooting people of color.


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