Four Staffers Working for Justin Fairfax Resign Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

In the wake of allegations of sexual assault and rape against Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, four of his staffers have resigned.

Considering that his staff is made up of only six people, Fairfax has basically lost his entire team all at once. Of the four employees, two were from the political action committee and the other two were general staffers.

Their resignations were effective as of Friday. Fairfax’s policy director, Adele McClure and Julia Billingsly, the scheduling director resigned, along with Dave Mills, the executive director of Fairfax’s PAC, We Rise Together, and Courtney McCargo, a fundraiser for the PAC. What’s most telling is three out of four of the staffers were women.

Fairfax’s chief of staff has remained with him, as well as his spokeswoman, Lauren Burke.

When asked why the four employees resigned, Burke declined to comment. She did have this to say: “This is a part-time office, so it’s not a big staff to begin with.”

A second allegation against Fairfax came to light this past Friday.

As more people rally behind the two women making the claims Dr. Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson tensions are starting to mount as people expect Fairfax to resign.

There are other repercussions involved for Fairfax as well, even if he resigns as lieutenant governor. He is also an attorney at the firm Morrison & Foerster, where he is currently on paid leave. Fairfax could even be disbarred, if the charges made against him turn out to be true.


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