Hilton’s 2023 Travel with Purpose Report on Responsible Travel

Hilton’s (a Fair360 Hall of Fame company) 2023 Travel with Purpose Report highlights the company’s commitment to responsible travel and tourism. This comprehensive report details Hilton’s progress in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, showcasing its efforts to create a sustainable and inclusive future. Key achievements include:

  • Expanded Hilton’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network to over 1,800 hotels globally
  • Achieved ongoing ISO certifications
  • Launched new Travel with Purpose training for team members around the world
  • Reduced food waste from breakfast operations at participating hotels by 62%

Hilton is dedicated to sustainability. This is evident in the company’s continuous efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. Additionally, Hilton works to foster an inclusive culture.

In a press release, Hilton President and CEO Chris Nassetta emphasized the importance of the Travel with Purpose program. He stated that it is integral to the company’s business strategy. Furthermore, the program reflects Hilton’s desire to provide guests with dynamic and rejuvenating travel experiences. These experiences aim to connect guests more closely to the people, cultures and places they visit.

“It also underscores our commitment to remain the best citizen, neighbor, partner and supporter of every community, guest, Team Member and owner we serve,” Nassetta said.

Explore the full report to see how Hilton is driving responsible travel and making a positive impact worldwide.