How AbbVie Takes Action on Growing Sustainably

AbbVie ranked No. 16 on the Fair360 Top 50 Companies list in 2023.


AbbVie has shared ways its scientists, engineers and other talent are using innovative processes and technologies that can help patients’ health while also benefitting the environment.

“Our focus is to be more proactive, so that years from now, greenness or sustainability becomes an organic part of how we develop processes,” said Eric Moschetta, Senior Scientist and Technology Team Lead at AbbVie.

Here are three ways the company is using innovation to grow its efforts in sustainability:

  • Promoting Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Practices: At each step of developing medicine, the technology and metrics teams in AbbVie’s Development Sciences organization locate where to make more environmentally friendly improvements.
  • Investment in innovative ideas: Programs like the Spark Innovation Accelerator invites employees across the company to submit their ideas for reducing AbbVie’s environmental footprint.
  • Solutions to minimize a common source of waste: Organic solvents are one of the most significant sources of waste within the pharmaceutical industry, but scientists at the company are developing a method for processes that enable chemical reactions to occur in water rather than organic solvents.



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