How Johnson & Johnson Has Championed Women’s Health for 136 Years

Originally published at Johnson & Johnson is a Hall of Fame company.


When Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886, eight of the company’s first 14 employees were women. And by 1908, women led a quarter of Johnson & Johnson’s departments.

Since then, the company has continued to provide support and opportunities to women around the world, especially in the area of healthcare. By innovating transformational medical advances, partnering on global public health programs, offering comprehensive employee benefits and more, the company has shown its commitment to putting good health in reach of women everywhere.

As Johnson & Johnson expands its medical benefits, we take a look back at the many ways the company has changed how women access, receive and are empowered by healthcare, paving the way to a more equitable and healthier future for everyone.

2022: Making Medical Care Easier to Access

Johnson & Johnson has a long history of caring for the health of its employees and their families — including supporting them in accessing the care they need, when they need it. That’s why the company now covers travel expenses for eligible medical services not available from any in-network or out-of-network provider within 100 miles of an employee’s home. This benefit applies not only to company employees in the United States but to their families, as well.

Plus, as part of its commitment to having the healthiest workforce, the company provides benefits and resources to support employees and their families in prioritizing their mental well-being.

Globally, employees have access to an Employee Assistance Program to help manage work and life, locate a mental health counselor and more. Digital mental well-being resources support employees in handling stress, building resilience and developing skills to adapt to change.

And U.S. employees and their families have access to additional mental health resources so they can get the support they need anytime, anywhere. These tools include live sessions with behavioral coaches for employees and their family members who are dealing with anxiety, self-esteem problems and cyberbullying and virtual therapy for anxiety, depression, burnout and more.

The company also recently signed the Employee Well-Being & Mental Health Pledge from the Society for Human Resource Management to further affirm Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to investing in employee health.

1931: Revolutionizing Contraception

Before hormonal birth control was invented, the only options for women who wanted contraception were cervical caps and condoms. That’s why it was so game-changing when Johnson & Johnson introduced Ortho-Gynol, the first prescription contraceptive gel in the world designed to help women take charge of family planning.

1894: Providing Support During Childbirth

Believe it or not, women used to be responsible for making sure that they had on hand all of the clinical supplies needed to deliver their babies at home (which is where most births took place in the late 19th and early 20th centuries).

To help ensure that mother and baby had a safe and healthy delivery, Johnson & Johnson teamed up with obstetricians to create Dr. Simpson’s Maternity Packet, a first-of-its-kind, mass-produced maternity kit, which contained items like sterile sutures, an obstetric sheet and ligatures, antiseptic soap and flannel for wrapping the baby.