Humana Foundation Donates $500,000 To Support Flood Recovery Efforts in Eastern Kentucky

Originally published at Humana ranked No. 9 on The Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2022. 


The Humana Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Humana Inc. for the past 40 years, is donating $500,000 towards relief and recovery efforts for those impacted by torrential rains and flooding in Eastern Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. The donation is a part of The Foundation’s commitment to reinforcing communities facing crisis and its dedication to Disaster Philanthropy.

Historic and widespread flooding began blanketing Eastern Kentucky and surrounding states on July 27, leaving hundreds of people displaced, thousands without power and a rising death toll of at least 30 people in Kentucky. As the communities in the region continue to assess the devastation, The Humana Foundation will stay tuned to the most critical needs of the people impacted. To support the crisis, the Humana Foundation’s $500,000 donation will help with basic needs like shelter, food and medical care while addressing the overall recovery efforts. The donation will be allocated to the following organizations to meet growing needs:

“The Humana Foundation is committed to the health and recovery of the people in Eastern Kentucky and the other impacted states,” said The Humana Foundation CEO Tiffany Benjamin. “We’re thoughtfully donating to organizations on the ground who are delivering critical resources and understand the evolving needs of the community. We’re especially committed to lifting up the people in our home state of Kentucky, and we’ll remain steadfast in their recovery today and into the future, no matter the adversity. ”

Beyond this donation, Humana Inc. is taking steps to assist its members in declared disaster areas. These actions include:

  • Waiving all requirements for primary care physician (PCP) referrals and prior authorizations for members
  • Providing members with the same cost-sharing they would receive from an in-network facility even if receiving care outside the network
  • For members with a pharmacy benefit, suspending restrictions on refills to allow for travel difficulties and evacuations

“It’s difficult to watch our Kentucky and surrounding neighbors suffer due to one of the most damaging floods in Kentucky history,” said Humana Regional President Jeb Duke. “I am thankful to be a part of Humana and the Humana Foundation in responding and contributing to the relief and recovery efforts in our home state. Humana has a rich history in Kentucky and the surrounding region and we’re dedicated to the long-term health and healing of everyone in our reach.”

Overcoming disasters takes leadership and collaboration at every level. Humana and the Humana Foundation are working closely with Commonwealth officials to get resources and assistance to people as soon as possible.

“I want to thank the Humana Foundation for this generous donation,” said Commonwealth of Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear. “The people of Eastern Kentucky who’ve been affected by this historic flooding are going to need a lot of help in the weeks and months ahead, and every donation from our Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund will go directly towards these families. Our health care partners have been instrumental in keeping Kentuckians safe during a variety of challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is another great example of this spirit of care and collaboration.”

Humana is also in touch with legislative leaders, including Senate President Robert Stivers and House Minority Whip Angie Hatton, who’ve seen the devastation and tragic impact on their Eastern Kentucky communities.

“I’ve seen devastation that I’ve never witnessed before this past week and my heart goes out to those families who have been negatively affected by these recent floods,“ said Senate President Robert Stivers. “This gift will make all the difference in the world to my Eastern Kentucky neighbors and families who will need all the help we can offer them to get back on their feet. It’s going be a long haul and take a great many resources and this Humana Foundation gift will help significantly.”

“I want to thank the Humana Foundation for this incredible donation, which will make a profound difference for so many devastated by the recent flooding,” said Kentucky House Minority Whip Angie Hatton. “So much was lost in such a short time, but help like this will give us a strong foundation on which to rebuild. We will never forget this and countless other acts of kindness.”


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