Humana Mailing More Than 1 Million Home Screening Kits to Increase Access to Preventive Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Move Triples the Number of Screening Kits Sent to Members

Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) today announced that the company will mail more than 1 million in-home preventive care screening kits to members in 2020, helping increase access to routine screenings that many members have put off during the pandemic. Humana’s new initiative, which triples the number of screening kits sent to members, comes as many people have postponed all but the most necessary health procedures during COVID-19, limiting doctors’ appointments and emergency room visits.

“Because of the pandemic, many of our members – who are primarily seniors – have not been comfortable leaving their homes for routine health care,” said Dr. William Shrank, Chief Medical Officer at Humana. “Now more than ever, proactive, preventive care can be lifesaving and life-changing for our members. Many interactions with health care providers can be conducted virtually, and we encourage telehealth whenever possible. However, patients and doctors should work together to determine when in-person visits are needed, and we are taking every precaution to make sure those visits are safe and that our members have confidence to make the best decisions for their health. During these complex times, patients should not be distancing themselves from their doctors.”

Humana’s in-home screenings can help members identify complications related to diabetes and colon cancer early, which can help improve health outcomes and reduce costs. For example, in 2018, Humana member Leo Kovel completed an in-home test and was notified of an abnormal result. A colonoscopy discovered Leo had colon cancer, but after a successful surgery, he is now cancer-free.

Humana’s push to deliver in-home tests will focus particularly on members in need of colorectal cancer screening and diabetic condition management. They are being provided at no additional cost to Medicare Advantage members who are eligible for the test. In addition, eligible Medicaid members will receive the diabetic management test kits. This latest effort, which runs from June to September, builds on the company’s commitment to proactively mail easy-to-use colorectal cancer screening and diabetic management kits to qualifying members’ homes to identify cases of colon cancer earlier or to assess a patient’s diabetes management to tailor therapy and help reduce complications of the disease. Members with questions should call the toll free customer service telephone number on the back of their Humana ID card.

During COVID-19, Humana has taken a number of unprecedented steps to support members, including eliminating out-of-pocket costs for primary care office visits so that Medicare Advantage members can reconnect with their health care providers and extending telehealth cost share waivers for all telehealth visits – primary care and specialty, including behavioral health, for participating/in-network providers through 2020.


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