KeyBank’s 3 Lessons for Advancing Mental Health in the Workplace

May is Mental Health Awareness month and many companies are examining practices that support employee mental health and wellbeing in and out of the workplace.

As they do this, companies often learn lessons that can provide a framework for how the company approaches mental health and shapes the culture around engaging in such topics. For KeyBank (ranked No. 18 on the 2022 Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list,) that journey starts with an attempt to listen and understand what employees are experiencing and what their needs are.

Katie Talarico is an Employee Benefits Manager at KeyBank and served as a panelist on Fair360, formerly DiversityInc’s most recent webinar titled “Mental Health: Redefining Wellbeing in the Workplace.” She shared why KeyBank felt it needed to start with listening and understanding.

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