Know the Rules to Break the Rules in 2019: Mastercard Podcast’s Second Season is Ready for Binge Listening

Money: people love and hate to talk about it. They want to make it, they want to use it, and they love having it, but when it comes to actually thinking about it, how we get it, how we use and how it helps or hurt us that’s when people start to ask questions.

Enter Fortune Favors the Bold Mastercard’s podcast created in collaboration with Gimlet Creative. The complete second season is live, and with it, we’re breaking down the barrier between people’s money hang-ups and the achievement of real financial fluency.

Fortune Favors the Bold is not your typical financial literacy podcast. We don’t talk about budgets, APRs or stock tips. Each episode is dedicated to exploring the assumptions, perceptions and unwritten rules that seem to govern how we think about money and about the people and companies daring to break them and then break through to better opportunities. But the first step to tearing down these long-established ways of thinking It’s talking.

“Even though people are hesitant to talk about money, what you’re going to find out really quickly is that people want to talk about money,” said Ashley C. Ford, in Fortune Favors the Bold, Season Two, Episode One: Upward Mobility.

Season One (also ripe for a binge-listen) asked questions about what happens when we take risks, take control, and redefine our relationship with money. We took on the future of work, talked to companies that have been defining what it means to do well by doing good, and explored how digital identities are key to accessing the digital economy, among other topics.

Season Two takes it all a step further: revealing the unwritten rules that seem to govern our perceptions around Upward Mobility, Financial Literacy, Creditworthiness, Reskilling, Smart Cities and Small Businesses. Across all the episodes, we delve into new ways of thinking about old rules and the people who are rewriting them completely, all with the hope that listeners can soon see the way to break the rules themselves.

Mona Chalabi, a data journalist known for her unique data visualizations, debuts as this season’s host.

“We’re eager to create branded content that people not only want to listen to, but also talk about,” said Marcy Cohen, SVP, Digital and Creative Content, Mastercard.

Fortune Favors the Bold is available on Apple Podcast, Google Play Music and all other listening platforms.