Landlords Deny Evicting Victoria Sutton for Having Black Visitors, Federal Lawsuit Filed

Victoria Sutton, a white woman, filed a housing discrimination lawsuit in federal court on Wednesday. The suit accused Patricia and Allen McCoy, a white Georgia couple, of evicting the woman because she invited Black guests to the home she was renting.

The lawsuit claimed the landlords, Patricia and Allen McCoy, violated the tenant’s civil rights as well as the Fair Housing Act. Sutton moved into the home in Adairsville, Ga., which is about 60 miles northwest of Atlanta, in August 2017. On Sept. 30, 2018, the woman invited a Black co-worker and her child to the home for a play date.

Sutton claimed that Allen McCoy came to the house and called her a racial slur after her guests left. He then told her he was contacting Child Protective Services because she had a Black person in her home. According to Sutton, he told her she had two weeks to vacate the premises. She protested the bogus eviction and McCoy threatened her to call the police if she invited any more Black people over. He also told her to call his wife to discuss the situation.

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Upon calling Patricia McCoy, Sutton recorded the call, during which she was repeatedly called a “n—– lover” by the woman. Then McCoy boldly told her, “I don’t put up with n—– in my house, and I don’t want them in my property.”

When asked about the racist statement, McCoy boldly responded: “I told her I didn’t want nobody out of the trailer park on my property because they’re drug pushers.”

She also denied using the n-word.

Patricia McCoy reiterated the eviction threat given by Allen McCoy after Sutton protested the landlords dictating who she could have in her home.

The next day, The McCoy’s served Sutton an improper eviction notice based on alleged damage to the house. A judge ruled Sutton’s eviction notice to be unenforceable because the McCoy’s didn’t give her a letter of intent. Two weeks later, The McCoy’s left the letter of intent on her doorstep.

Patricia and Allen McCoy denied the fact the eviction was based on Sutton having a Black houseguest. Allen McCoy said, “Some of the best friends I got is colored.”


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