Marriott’s Angela Vento on Supporting Underrepresented Groups in Leadership Positions

Originally published on LinkedIn. Angela Vento is the General Manager of Wailea Beach Resort at Marriott, Maui. Marriott International is a Hall of Fame company.


Meet Angela Vento, General Manager, Wailea Beach Resort – Marriott, Maui. As a woman GM, Angela wants to see more women and underrepresented groups in leadership positions.

At her hotel, Angela strives to build diverse and inclusive teams. She says bringing together people of different backgrounds, education and perspectives is vital to success.

Marriott International: How did you end up in Hawaii and decide to make the islands your home?

Angela Vento: I have been an adventurer for all my life, and in 1989 I had the opportunity to come to Hawaii to open hotels. It’s been an amazing place, it’s made me a better person and I believe you can’t work in a more inviting environment.

MI: Why is inclusivity so important in your role?

AV: I am one of the only female GMs in Hawaii, at a large convention hotel, and for me, we want more women in these roles. I find that through my experience building teams that have a common vision but also come from different backgrounds, education and perspective is vitally important for success.

MI: What is your mantra for the next generation of hoteliers?

AV: My advice is to be fully engaged in all that you do. Your hard work and dedication create your credibility. I find being joyful helps you navigate those rough times along your journey.

MI: Tell us about your hotel’s recent significant investments in sustainable energy.

AV: Here at the resort, we’ve added a lot of photovoltaic or solar power that has helped us reduce our dependency on the grid by over 15%. So we continue to look to add more of that.

MI: What is your favorite part about working in the hospitality industry?

AV: My favorite part of hospitality is the people, or the Ohana. For me, I think it’s important to say mahalo nui loa, or thank you: I love to fill my tricycle with all sorts of treats and beverages and be able to show my gratitude biking around our 22 acres.

Watch the video on LinkedIn.


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