Meeting In A Box: Disability Employment Awareness Month 2019

National Disability Employment Awareness Month takes place in October to educate people about various disabilities and raise awareness about this pool of often-untapped talent. People with disabilities — both visible and invisible — have made strides in gaining visibility but still face discrimination, especially when it comes to hiring. This Meeting in a Box is a valuable resource to help you not only understand, but celebrate, people’s unique abilities and potential in the workforce.

In this packet, we provide

  • A historical timeline outlining the victories people with disabilities have achieved
  • Facts and figures on this diverse demographic
  • An interview with Charles Catherine and Carol Glazer of the National Organization on Disability
  • A company spotlight on Ernst & Young, known for being at the forefront of hiring and supporting employees with disabilities.
  • A primary tool kit outlining some issues at stake in the upcoming 2020 election for people with disabilities.
  • A tip sheet on managing people with disabilities in the workforce will help you support your employees.

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