New York Taco Truck Apologizes for Serving ICE Workers, Then Apologizes for Apologizing

A Buffalo, New York-based taco truck company Lloyd first apologized for serving ICE workers and then backtracked by apologizing for apologizing.

The debacle began on Sunday when Lloyd parked one of its taco trucks at the Buffalo Federal Detention Center in Batavia to serve lunch to people working there. After the company’s Twitter exploded with users condemning the company for serving the employees, Lloyd issued a lengthy apology.

“Yesterday, we made an honest mistake by serving lunch at the federal detention facility in Batavia,” the company wrote in a Twitter post. “We’re sorry. Lloyd has deep ties to the immigrant and refugee communities in Buffalo. We work closely with Jericho Road and the International Institute of Buffalo as part of our hiring and recruitment efforts, and every year we look forward to participating in their Buffalo Without Borders fundraiser.”

The note went on to say there was “no excuse” for serving tacos to the workers at the detention center, where immigrants are held.

Then the tide went the other way.

“The men and women who work at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility are detention officers, deportation officers, administrative support staff, doctors, nurses, judges, attorneys, and maintenance staff,” ICE Buffalo Field Office Director Thomas Feeley said in a statement to CNN. “Each and every one of them is entrusted with the safety, security, and care of the detainees here. We are doing our jobs, enforcing the laws passed by Congress. Just like we have for many presidents. We will not apologize for doing this, not even to a food truck that now chooses to discriminate against us.”

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Then Lloyd leaders apologized again on Monday at a news conference.

“Chris [Dorsaneo, the co-owner] and I want to fully and sincerely apologize for our past statement after our truck’s visit to the federal detention facility in Batavia last week,” co-founder Pete Cimino said. “Our statement was hastily made, and we reacted too quickly to criticism we received for that visit.”


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