No. 42 | Nielsen | Fair360 Top 50


Earning a spot on the list for the second year in a row and moving up eight spots, Nielsen demonstrates an increased emphasis on using focused metrics to assess the right diversity-and-inclusion approach.

Under the guidance of Angela Talton, Chief Diversity Officer, Nielsen has made substantial progress this year.

Nielsen has developed business-unit-level diversity scorecards to report representation and movement, while including more granularity on turnover and on supplier diversity. Nielsen has added global reporting of gender by band and level.

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Mitch Barns


“Diversity and inclusion are important to Nielsen’s ongoing ability to innovate and grow. It is crucial our organization’s diversity reflects the markets that we measure and represent to our clients through Nielsen services. Our investment in diversity and inclusion goes further than this, though, and includes high-impact training and stretching objectives designed to leverage our diversity for the benefit of the brands, companies and markets that we serve. Together, these efforts help drive strength and growth for our business.”

Angela L. Talton

Chief Diversity Officer

“At Nielsen, diversity and inclusion are integral parts of the organization’s DNA. By diversity, we mean far more than the diversity you can see; we value diversity of thought, experiences, skills and backgrounds. It is our ability to create a culture of inclusionwhereby we value, encourage and promote the various thoughts, opinions and insights of our diverse workforcethat enables us to grow and continuously provide clients with innovative solutions.”


U.S. Headquarters:New York City

Global Employees:37,885

U.S. Employees:10,290

Last Year’s Fair360, formerly DiversityIncTop 50 Ranking:No. 50