No Surprise: Study Finds White Evangelicals Most Likely to Be Islamophobic, Support Trump

While the poll did not hold any major surprises for anyone, it does reinforce the widespread belief that white evangelicals tend to be more bigoted and more in love with President Donald Trump.

White evangelicals are the most likely to be Islamophobic while U.S. Jews are the least likely to be Islamophobic, according to a poll just released by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. The poll found 73 percent of white evangelicals approved of President Donald Trump’s work in office.

The poll surveyed Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Protestants, white evangelicals and those who didn’t consider themselves affiliated with any religion about their views on Islam.

53 percent of U.S. Jews said they had a positive view of Muslims, while 13 percent said they had a negative view.

In contrast, 44 percent of white evangelicals said they had a negative view of Muslims. Only 20 percent said they had a positive view of Muslims.

The poll broke down the opinions by race, too.

51 percent of Hispanic Americans said they had a positive view of Muslims.  Black Americans were seven times as likely to have positive opinions of Muslims as opposed to negative ones. White Americans were almost equally likely to have a negative as a positive opinion of Muslims, if they had any opinion at all. Nearly half of white Americans said they didn’t have an opinion either way about Muslims.

The poll found that Muslims gave President Donald Trump the lowest approval rating of all of the religions surveyed. A majority of Jews also disapprove of Trump in office.


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