Praxis Labs’ Elise Smith on the Role of VR in DEI Training and Education

Virtual reality was a hot buzzword long before Facebook dropped its announcement about forming a “metaverse,” a virtual world where people can live, work and play. Over the last five years, VR has been making waves in education, healthcare and corporate training and development, including the diversity, equity and inclusion space.

VR is notable due to its ability to simulate real-life situations. Through targeted, scenario-based training, many believed utilizing the technology has the power to shift perceptions and change behaviors.

“The best learning experiences for adult learners are environments where they have user agency, they can self-direct their learning, and it’s experiential,” says Elise Smith, co-founder and CEO of Praxis Labs, an immersive learning platform focused on workplace outcomes around DEI. “VR as a tool can deliver that high-impact learning experience, where users make decisions that have outcomes, and they can be put in a scenario where they can practice, make mistakes and learn.”

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