PwC’s Leandro Camilo Shares the Company’s Journey Toward Digital Accessibility

Leandro Camilo is the Global Disability Inclusion Leader at PwC. PwC is a Fair360 Top 50 Hall of Fame company.


Leandro Camilo, Global Disability Inclusion Leader at PwC, shared the company’s journey toward digital accessibility in celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

PwC prioritizes listening, mentoring and advocation to help its employees thrive. The views of the employees themselves are a significant driving factor for the success of the company’s Global Disability Inclusion strategy, which focuses on the following areas:

  • Leadership commitment
  • Talent and representation
  • Culture of awareness
  • Adjustments and support
  • Data and self-identification
  • Accessibility

“Digital accessibility is not a choice, but a matter of survival. It is the difference between being inhibited and being empowered. It’s simply a must-have,” said Mohammed Asif Iqbal, Associate Director, Consulting, PwC India.

Increasing accessibility is one step toward building a more inclusive environment for all.

“We’ll know we are successful when — among other things — we are intuitively considering disability and accessibility in every business and people decision we make, all the way from product and service development through to continuing to foster an environment that supports people with disabilities in reaching their full potential.”

Read more about PwC’s Global Disability Inclusion strategy here.


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