Race Baiting FOX Host Accuses Media After Black Santa Comments

By Chris Hoenig

FOX News host Megyn Kelly has gone on the offensive in defending herself against a media firestorm after her controversial comments last week about Santa’s race.

On her show, The Kelly File, on Friday, Kelly said her comments and discussion with an all-white panel were “tongue-in-cheek” and meant to be joking. “In kicking off the light-hearted segment, I offered a tongue-in-cheek message for any kids watching, saying that Santa, who I joked is a real person whose race is identifiable, is white, just as Harris claimed in her piece. But that we were debating whether that should somehow change,” Kelly said. “I realize that the piece by Harris, which went on to argue that Santa should be a penguin, was also tongue-in-cheekthat’s part of why we covered the story in the first place. Humor is a part of what we try to bring to this show, but sometimes that is lost on the humorless.”

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