RUN Powered by ADP® Integrates Features to Recruit and Retain Talent

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If you ask a small business owner to name their top challenge, the likely response of “hiring and retaining employees” will reflect the barrier many owners face with managing their workforce. Today’s tight labor market has small businesses competing with large companies for talent, and with limited budgets and fewer resources, small businesses are often at a disadvantage, which could eventually affect company growth and success.

RUN Powered by ADP® now includes tools and enhancements to help small business owners compete for talent at the same level as large companies. From finding the right people, to navigating the complexities of benefits and helping business owners comply with constantly changing employment laws, access to these important features can help small businesses thrive. In addition, these features can assist with making small businesses an attractive place to work, aid with better serving customers, and ultimately help to position the company for financial success.

RUN Powered by ADP provides all small business owners with tools to efficiently manage their workforce, from recruitment to onboarding. The added benefit of offering work perks, such as employee discounts traditionally available to big business, along with handling employment verification requests are just some of the features that benefit small business owners and their employees. And once hired, a streamlined onboarding process allows paperwork to be completed in advance, so new hires can focus on their job instead of filling out forms. Together, these enhancements will greatly assist with the recruiting, retaining and onboarding processes to make for a better experience.

“Managing HR solutions for small businesses is becoming increasingly complex while, simultaneously, critical for strong employee retention,” said Joe DeSilva, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Small Business Services for ADP. “For many time-strapped business owners, having an added resource to help navigate the process provides the best of both worlds – a solid recruitment strategy and approach, along with the ability for owners to shift their focus from handling HR to growing the business. A successful business begins with the employees and the right talent can make all the difference.”

Key Features and Benefits of RUN Powered by ADP include:

· ZipRecruiter®: Post jobs to 100+ job boards and social media sites in one click. Reach millions of job seekers with one post. Easily manage, screen and quickly identify top candidates – all in one place.

· HR Toolkits: Business owners can properly complete everyday HR and compliance responsibilities with step-by-step best practice guidelines, essential forms and documents, and related policies.

· New Hire Onboarding: Add new employees with just a few basic pieces of information. Employees can enter their personal information, direct deposit, emergency contacts and federal tax withholdings.

· ADP® Employment Verification: Helps business owners easily respond to employment and income verification requests when employees apply for loans, lines of credit or government benefits.

· Background Checks*: Includes SSN Validation**, 1 Criminal History Search*** for the current country of residence.

· Work Perks: Gives owners and their employees “big business” discounts on nationally recognized, brand-name products and local retailers.

From recruitment and beyond, staying on top of the ever-changing state and federal employment laws can be a time-consuming task for small businesses. With RUN Powered by ADP, business owners can access easy-to-read summaries of major regulation changes, along with access to a dedicated support team to help small business owners properly navigate everyday HR and compliance responsibilities.

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