Is Santa Black

By Chris Hoenig

A “straight news anchor” at a cable news network known for its “War on Christmas” segments is in a war (of words) with another journalist over one of Christmas’s biggest (literally) symbols.

It began with a Tuesday morning column from Slate culture blogger Aisha Harris discussing her upbringing with two Santas. “The first had a fat belly, rosy cheeks, a long white beard, and skin as pink as bubble gum. He was omnipresent, visiting my preschool and the local mall, visible in all of my favorite Christmas specials,” she wrote in her article, titled “Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore.” “Then there was the Santa in my family’s household, in the form of ornaments, cards, and holiday figurines. A near-carbon copy of the first one—big belly, rosy cheeks, long white beard: check, check, check. But his skin was as dark as mine.”

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