Scoring Your Scorecards: A Guide to Developing Diversity Metrics

Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Best Practice’s “Guide to Developing Diversity Scorecards and Metrics” is an insider’s guide for diversity and data teams that provides insights on data transparency, scorecard strategy and development, as well as tips on driving accountability in your diversity efforts. This is part one. Check back soon for more insights on these essential concepts in scorecard development.

In the last 18 months, pressure has mounted for everyone from executives to line managers and diversity activists to better understand the metrics used to analyze the impact of diversity and inclusion efforts.

The difference between your D&I efforts being perceived as merely feel-good press releases and a business imperative that aligns with the organization’s goals comes down to communication, measurement and impact analysis. A crucial tool in this mission is the development of diversity scorecards and metrics. Tracking metrics will provide transparency and a platform to showcase how impactful these efforts have been for the company across the board.

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