Second Black Man Found Dead at Home of Ed Buck

The body of another young Black man was found at Ed Buck’s home in West Hollywood early Monday.

Ed Buck, a prominent donor to the Democratic party, has been known to the keep the company of young Black gay men and was under scrutiny only 17 months ago following the death of another young Black gay man, Gemmel Moore. Moore overdosed on meth in Buck’s apartment. The death was ruled as an “accidental overdose.” There was speculation that Buck dosed these men with exorbitant amounts of illicit drugs. However, this information has never been confirmed.

Moore’s case, at the persistence of his family and activists who believed that Buck’s political connections may have influenced the decision to not charge him, was reopened, as of last year. The prosecution didn’t change their finding.

The latest victim’s name hasn’t been released. His body was found at 4:05 a.m. (EST) after someone on the premises called 911. No cause of death has been determined, although the investigation is being conducted by homicide investigators. Reports showed that Buck was present at the home, at the time of both deaths. He has not been charged or arrested.

Buck’s attorney, Seymour Amster, said, in a statement: “The man was a ‘longtime friend’ of Buck’s who asked to come over. Ed was reluctant, but the friend was insistent, so Ed allowed the friend to come over. A short time later, the man ‘began exhibiting bizarre behavior’ which prompted Buck to call 911.”

The Los Angeles LGBT Center, one of the nation’s biggest providers of LGBT programs, is strongly urging Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva to investigate Monday’s case aggressively and thoroughly.

“LGBT people have a considerable and urgent interest in a case that is so clearly linked to the health and safety of our community. The reports we have heard provide more questions than answers,” the center said, in a statement.


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