Singer Ciara Faces Backlash From Christian Fans After WorldPride Performance

Level Up singer Ciara faced harsh criticism from her Christian fans regarding her decision to perform at WorldPride, an event that promotes LGBTQ pride, relevant issues, and cultural activities on an international scale. This year’s festivities took place for the first time in the United States in New York City this past week.

Ciara joined Todrick Hall, a Youtuber turned superstar, to perform his song Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels along with her hit songs. The talented singer and dancer took to her Instagram account to share her excitement about the performance at WorldPride. She described the event as a “magical and historic moment” but some of her fans didn’t share the singer’s enthusiasm.

One fan responded, “Wow. What a disappointment…,” regarding the photo of Todrick Hall and Ciara.

Another opinionated fan interjecting her opinion said: “She is beautiful. He is confused!!”

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The singer, who prides herself on being a devout Christian, was chastised by an even more brazen fan who stated: “I am so proud and happy for you especially when you started to promote Christianity and the love of God! But I will tell you this out of love and as [sic] devout Christian myself, even if it was a video and it was not serious, by you promoting something that God is against is wrong. We are to love yes, but we are not to promote sin! God hates sin!”

Although many fans gave their unsolicited opinions about her performance, others supported her and even praised her for being inclusive.

“I just LOVE that a woman who identifies as Christian, embraces all diverse humans, embraced her sexuality, embraces her boldness and is FIERCE!” an enthusiastic fan wrote.

It’s important to note that religion has played a significant role in the isolation and intolerance towards members of the Black LGBTQ community. Children who come out are often thrown out into the street to fend for themselves. Ciara chose to celebrate with those who may not receive love from the people for whom they care.