Suck It Up, Were Screwed

The retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy puts our country at a crossroads where there’s only one expected outcome: a bizarrely out of touch and unrepresentative Supreme Court, for generations to come.

I don’t see any real action that Democrats in Congress could take. Chuck Schumer talking about hypocrisy doesn’t count. That’s just pathetic, weak and meaningless. It’s too late; the chickens have come home to roost.

Decades of calcified, characterless, all-white Democratic leadership has led us to this: Trump and a repressive conservative Supreme Court.

It shouldn’t be this way. Read professor Steve Phillips’ book “Brown is the New White.” He proves through a thorough examination of national demographics and trends that Black, Latino and progressive white people should control this country politically — and do control the future of every national election.

We had him speak at an event before the last presidential election — I asked, “Have you given your book to Hillary’s campaign” He said yes — then I asked, “Has anyone read it” and he shrugged his shoulders. One event sums up the entire campaign — on election night, Hillary had a concert in Philadelphia — Bruce Springsteen. The audience was entirely old white people my age. Ten percent fewer Democrats voted in 2016 than in 2012. Blacks and Latinos did not show up. No kidding — why would they

Let’s not forecast (or hope for) action or leadership. There’s no reason to. Remember, this is the “leadership” that chose Hillary in 2008 AND 2016 — an awkward, detached, entitled, racist-by-action princess who couldn’t pass the DC bar exam. She lost in 2008 against a first-term nobody senator and ran again — and lost again, this time to a bloated, spray-tanned draft dodger who’s been sued by more customers, contractors and business partners than anybody I’ve ever heard of. A guy who cheated on his first wife with the second wife, took the Fifth Amendment 97 times in the second divorce and apparently had an affair with a porn star (and another woman — a Playboy “model”) while his third wife held their infant son in her arms. His former campaign manager is in prison!

Leadership matters: Pelosi was so horrible at it, that she lost her speakership in just two years, in a landslide. Despite all of the above, she will be the speaker of the House if the Democrats manage, by happenstance, to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat in November. Don’t bet on it.

This “leadership” was teeing up yet another white man (Crowley, the fourth most powerful representative in the Democratic Party) to be the heir apparent, but he lost to a 28-year-old Latina political nobody, in a landslide. Pelosi’s own staff doesn’t represent the demographics of her district. Her big move regarding the humanitarian crisis on her state’s southern border was to criticize Rep. Maxine Waters!

Schumer’s staff has no apparent Latino representation and one Black woman. He released a report underscoring the odd lack of diversity in Democratic legislative staffs (it’s better than the Republicans, but is that a win); he invoked the Rooney Rule, which hasn’t even worked for the NFL, where it originated. How 1995 of him.

What’s this basket of incompetents going to do about Trump’s forthcoming Supreme Court pick Stomp their feet They’re too timid to do even that.